I'm Jakob. I strive to create accessible, usable and delightful experiences.

I work for Tes

Tes has supported teachers and teaching for more than 100 years and I am proud of being part of that. I mainly work on stuff that is still to see the light of day.

  • Wireframe for Teacher profile.
  • Mock-up of a job description page from Tes jobs.
  • Mock-up of a product landing page for the Tes Staff Pulse product.

Previous work

Some highlights from Bēhance:

On the interwebs

I have quite an obsession with CSS, so I have a lot of hit–and–miss tests on Codepen. I am also occasionally active on Bēhance and Github.

And, if you haven't had enough of me, you can find more information about me on LinkedIn.

Kind regards

Jakob (he/him)